Molecular Research

Category One-step RT-PCR
Product Name AddScript RT-PCR Kit


Cat. No. 




1. 20x AddScript Enzyme Solution 50 µl

2. 2.5x Buffer 0.5 ml

3. Nuclease-free H20 1.0 ml



AddScript RT-PCR Kit provides sensitive and easy-to-use components which contain

all the reagents for first strand cDNA synthesis and PCR reaction in one-tube reaction continuously.

Especially, thermostable MMLV RTase (RNase H-), hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase and

RNase Inhibitor are included in 20x AddScript Enzyme Solution.

The loading dye and sediment for electrophoresis and dNTP mixture are also included in 2.5x Buffer.

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manual of AddScript RT-PCR Kit.pdf