Molecular Research

Category Nucleic Acid Extraction
Product Name AddPrep Total RNA Extraction Kit

Cat. No. 10119
Size: 50 preparations
AddPrepTotal RNA Extraction Kit offer simple, rapid and cost-effective method for isolating Total RNA from whole blood, animal tissue, mammalian cell, biological fluids and plant including any fruits.The yield of RNA extracted from 25~100 mg of tissue, 50~100 mg of plant (including fruits) and 200 μl of whole blood is 5 ~ 30μg. The total RNA extraction is based on a specific RNA binding spin column method with special buffers and an on-column DNase I treatmentfor removing traces of DNA during RNA extraction. The extracted total RNA can be adjusted in variable applications, such as molecular biology experiments including RT-PCR, blotting and so on.

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manual of AddPrep Total RNA Extraction Kit - 10119.pdf